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Real Estate Attorneys

Here at Reinfeld & Cabrera we help clients with the real estate process this includes documenting and reviewing real estate transactions, it also includes the the overview of purchases and leases. Sometimes things can go wrong with a real estate transaction, this is when we can step in to file and defend lawsuits.

What is a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Understanding the Role of a Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorneyfilm Breathe online streaming So, what exactly is a and what do they do for you? To answer this question let’s first take a look at what the definition of foreclosure is. Foreclosure is the legal process of a lender seizing possession of a mortgaged property from […]

Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Discusses Continuances

Continuances in a Florida Foreclosure Defense Case As an experienced Florida foreclosure defense attorney I am often asked what the possibilities are of obtaining a continuance in a Florida foreclosure defense case. While there are many reasons why people may ask their Florida foreclosure defense attorneys to apply for a continuance on their foreclosure defense […]

Real Estate Attorneys in Coral Springs

Reinfeld and Cabrera are real estate attorneys in Coral Springs who you can trust with all your real estate legal concerns. Buying and selling property, landlord and tenant issues, commercial property dealings, foreclosure, and any other real estate matters – we have the answers. At Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. we roughly divide real estate law […]

How Florida House Bill 87 Negatively Affects Homeowners

When Florida House Bill 87 took effect in July 2013, there was a lot of confusion as to how it would affect homeowners in the state. Unfortunately, its immediate effect was to further slow down one of the slowest foreclosure processes in the country. Now, the Florida foreclosure defense attorney from Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. […]

How Do I Evict a Family Member?

Evicting a normal tenant can be a difficult procedure. However, if this unwanted tenant is a family member the process becomes even more difficult and emotionally taxing. To avoid an already trying situation from getting any worse, use an experienced Coral Springs eviction attorney to help you. Eviction laws may differ from one state to […]

The Importance of Having an Attorney at Closing

If you are thinking about entering the property market you may have already thought about what the importance of having a real estate attorney at closing is. As an experienced real estate attorney in Florida, we at Reinfeld & Cabrera P.A. are aware of the temptation to forego the assistance of a real estate attorney […]

Don’t Go Through An Eviction Without An Attorney

Are you in the Coral Springs area and are planning to evict a troublesome tenant or are a tenant who has been served an undue eviction notice? If the answer is yes, you will need to contact an experienced Coral Springs eviction attorney such as Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. We say “don’t go through an […]

Facing Bankruptcy?

Are you facing bankruptcy? Do you have a professional bankruptcy attorney who you can rely on? Do you understand what it means to face bankruptcy? As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. will answer all your bankruptcy questions as and when you need. Here are a few questions that you can ponder in […]

It Makes Sense To Use A Real Estate Attorney When Buying A House

It makes sense to use a real estate attorney when buying a house Congratulations on the finding the property of your dreams! But before you go any further, let the experienced attorneys at Reinfeld & Cabrera, P.A. tell you why it makes sense to use a real estate attorney when buying a house. Firstly, there […]

Why Would You Use a Real Estate Attorney?

Why would you use a real estate attorney like Reinfeld & Cabrera P.A. in Coral Springs? What with the complexity of real estate transactions being a tricky beast to navigate the assistance of a real estate attorney is invaluable. Whether you are a new or seasoned homebuyer or seller, a real estate attorney such as […]

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