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Probate, Wills, Trust

Probate refers to the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person.

Everything You Need to Know About Florida’s New Guardianship System

Wills and Trusts Attorneys Talk Guardianship Law As , we often deal with the sensitive topic of what happens to someone’s estate after they pass away. But what happens when an elderly person is considered incapable of managing their own estate? Florida saw some big changes to its guardianship system earlier this year, with the […]

What is a Trust Protector and Do You Need One?

Probate Attorneys and Trusts Protectors It is important for anyone who is thinking of opening a trust or who already has one to understand the ins and outs of a trust protector. What are the differences between wills and trusts?Basically, a will is a legal document that states how ones assets must be distributed when […]

The Pros and Cons of a Trust

As experienced , we know that the decisions involved with are never easy. One difficult choice you will need to make is whether or not to set up a trust instead of creating a last will. A trust is a legal document in which someone (a trustee) is appointed to hold and control your property. […]

Let’s Talk About Special Needs Trusts

As a resident of Coral Springs, if you ever were to suffer the tragic misfortune of suddenly being faced with a crippling disability that sees you or a family member unable to work, it becomes vital to have reputable legal custodians close to home; attorneys and lawyers ready and able to ensure your assets, family, […]

What Constitutes a Valid Will in Florida?


The Probate Case Process

The Importance of Understanding the Probate Case Process The fair distribution of a deceased person’s estate can be an emotional time for the client, and a difficult process for the attorney. Probate attorneys are highly experienced in implementing and assisting with the division of a decedent’s assets. The probate case process is available to local […]

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Do I Need a Probate Attorney?

How Important are Probate Attorneys? When it comes to matters of the estate, often the last people you want to speak to, but probably some of the most important people you should consult with are probate attorneys. In Coral Springs there are many complicated legal scenarios that could crop up during this process, and without […]

Estate Planning Attorneys in Coral Springs Talk about Wills

The Pros and Cons of a Will While nobody particularly likes to think about it, it is important to plan for your death to ensure that your property is properly distributed and your family is taken care of. One of the most popular methods of dealing with your estate after death is through a will, […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate in Florida

As experienced , we at Reinfeld & Cabrera are here to answer all those frequently asked questions about probate in Florida. Probate is often seen as a very complicated and stressful process, however, we will answer some questions which will ease your worries and help you understand and get through this process. What is probate?Probate […]

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